About us

The history

USJEdu is an incorporated company registered in California. It is responsible for Artificial Intelligence Technology Career Trainings and Information Technology Services, carrying out the Higher Education Cooperation between USA and China, developing the Online Courses, and providing International Study Tours Services. At the same time, USJEdu is doing its best to build the University of San Jose (USJ) which was founded in the Silicon Valley and focuses on the trainings of AI Talents with the spirit of Silicon Valley Artisans.

The parents company of USJEdu is Sichuan Gocean Co. located in Chengdu, China, an education group founded by Dr. Yun Wang in 1997, which focuses on IT International Certification Education, IT Vocational Education, Education Investment, Human Resources Services, IT Outsourcing Services, etc. .

USJEdu’s aim is to build an education group focusing on AI Careers Program Development, AI Talents Training and AI Technology Services.

The Concept

USJEdu will form the AI technologies and the talents through the international education services, and provide the Value-Added Services to the world.

Main institutions

Operating Company: Gosvea (USJEDU Group)

Planned School: University of San Jose (USJ)

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