Future Development

The first Chinese-capital institution,which run the university in Silicon Valley,  meets the market demand of internationalization of Higher Education in China.

Multiculture in the United States has nurtured a multicultural university service system. Such as Brandies University (Israel), NIIT (India), Aptech (India), the former is based on academic education, the latter two are based on training and chain, all of them have greater development in the United States. Due to institutional reasons and policy restrictions, China’s colleges and universities, especially private colleges and universities are restricted by the ‘ceiling of academic qualifications’, so it is difficult to enhance the level of running a school (bachelor or above).  Therefore, the internationalization of China’s higher education market is huge. On the one hand, the ‘Going Out’ trend of China’s higher education is increasing; on the other hand, the tendency of vitality of Chinese universities stimulated by Sino foreign cooperation in running school is increasing.

USJEdu, based on Silicon Valley, plans to open a chain of international school campuses in China and USA, meets the major trends in the higher education reform between China and  USA.

USJEdu Mutual Promotion Plan will  meet the international career development of Chinese exchange students

At present, 80% of Chinese exchanges students can not continue to work or pursue further studies in the United States after graduation. There are many reasons. One of the important reasons is that Chinese exchange students lack the career guidance services. The Mutual Promotion Plan  of USJEdu is designed to help students receive financial support, complete their studies, and help students achieve international employment development.