Main Features

Team Advantage

The education team of USJEdu currently collection with the top managers from United States, India and China, including education experts in the United States, education experts in India, specialist of Chinese and so on.
President : Dr. Claude Wang  , received Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Educational Economics and Management from Peking University, and other advanced business management courses, such as Stanford. In 1997, established the first IT international education (Chengdu Gocean Education Group) and introduced Prometric international certification examinations system.

Unique Development System

Using the development model of “International University System” + “Education Mutual Promotion” + “Self Marketing Enterprise Clusters”,USJEdu will build the new education form in the future by relying on Education Financial Model of USJ.

International Education Industry Development

Education is a hot pot of long-term cooperation between China and USA

Education Mutual Promotion

Help students learn well , hired first, and bill last.

Open School Mode

The degree of education is unlimited ,and the career development is unlimited.